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You can’t make a drawing without shadows.

This site is for art that falls in the grey area between illegal and art that is restricted from other platforms. Apply to join and be approved as an artist or connoisseur. We are an open art ecosystem. Artists & Collectors: can apply by

emailing: apply@greyareafineart.com

The First Curated NFT Art Gallery
See the Curated Collection for some of our most fascinating works.

The Curated Collection takes fine art selection to the next level with a complex voting system that ensures that each piece encapsulates the penultimate expression of our canon from featured artists.

“Spore Back-Channels” – Schroomy
Woman in Space Suit: Curated Collection: Grey Area Fine Art
“Celestial Spheres” – EXO
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Apart from the aforementioned two permanent collections: The Curated Collection and The Patrons Only Collection, we will often have special viewings for members and non-members or special features from notable artists in our sphere.

Currently, we are having a massive Grand Opening Sale!

–> For artist and collectors, who wish to sell a piece they made or own, we are offering free hosting on our site and marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, and Discord for the first two weeks. Simply fill out the short application on the apply page to get started.

–> For buyers, connoisseurs, and all purveyors of fine art (which need not be exclusive from creators), we are offering a vast, blanket sale on almost all works and a special discount code that can be applied on top of an existing “on sale” piece!

–> Code = NFT10 (This code will get you an additional 10% off any work on our site. Enjoy.)(The buyer sale and discount code will be valid for the first month — until August 13th.)

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All art, even controversial or NSFW pieces, deserves to have an audience!

Coral Reefer - by Coraline. A picture of a marijuana plant superimposed over an image of a vibrant coral reef.
“Coral Reefer” — Coraline

What defines art, as opposed to simply globs of colored matter attached to a canvas, is its audience. It’s a cliche that art holds up a mirror to society, but in reality, it is society itself that has created the mirror. The only difference between some naked person running around a park flashing everyone in sight and a picture of him doing so is the picture can be viewed by those who define art, whereas the person will run off into the night never to be seen again (except maybe in a mug shot). Our goal is to give art that is restricted on other platforms the voice they deserve and to properly accredit and compensate the artists who venture into the grey area of acceptability in our society. There are emotions as well as emotional and physical states we all express at times, but never discuss in public or consider as art. Much of what differentiates art from randomness is the artist themself or their bizarre and innovative process. Art should be judged for its merit as art alone and therefore we give each artist the opportunity to use a pseudonym or remain fully anonymous — a feature no other NFT platform offers. The ultimate criterion of Grey Area Fine Art is to give ALL art the opportunity to be seen and heard.

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Featured Works from New Artists:
Grey Area Fine Art: NFT Art Gallery: NFT Marketplace: Web3 Wallet
“The Morning After” — Anon303
 Grey Area Fine Art: Weed Art: Marijuana: NFT Art Gallery: NFT Marketplace: Web3 Wallet
“Coral Reefer” — Anon303
Parallel Universe: Grey Area Fine Art: NFT Art Gallery: NFT Marketplace: Web3 Wallet
“Parallel Universe” — Harash Pawar

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We available for new projects, coins, and tokens. Drop us a line, and let’s create something new. Apply to be an artist at: [email below] and include an example work or portfolio and thematic description. We can talk pricing once you are approved.

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We are an open art ecosystem for NFT, digital art, photography, writings, prints, canvas, Minecraft art, physical art. Join our community on Reddit: r/GreyAreaFineArt.com

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