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Apply to be an artist or collector and sell your works with us! Please fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can contact us via Reddit at u/GreyAreaArt or email: with an attached portfolio/example work and a thematic description.

Once you have been approved as an artist, you may fill out the appointment form at the bottom of this page or message us to discuss pricing, sales, etc.

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  1. Register as an artist using the form below.
  2. Send us a second email or more emails with a portfolio or example work and thematic description.
  3. Include prices for each piece.
  4. Optional: Send us your social media links to be included in the art description on our site.

Set an Appointment to Discuss Your Art (Optional)

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Only fill this form out after you have been approved as an artist or collector.

(If you are not selected as an artist and feel you should be, contact us on Reddit to make an appeal.)

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