ETH Wallet + Exchange

You can use the following Ethereum Wallet to purchase and hold Ethereum [ETH] on our website. If you are new to crypto this is recommended. Alternatively, you can install the MetaMask browser extension or phone application to pay in crypto. MetaMask is useful because it can utilize multiple blockchains, including the Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon /MATIC Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, test networks, and more as well as custom tokens.

Ethereum is the most popular and user-friendly blockchain, however, Polygon has much lower gas fees which is why most of our OpenSea NFTs are minted that way. Polygon is also cross-compatible with Ethereum. MetaMask can hold both blockchains so it is recommended for most transactions.

We also accept Coinbase payments via Coinbase Commerce.

You can also use MetaMask with the Polygon-Ethereum Bridge to transfer assets back and forth across blockchains.

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