“GREY WOLF” — Open Canon NFT Mint [Polygon Mainnet]

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Grey Area Fine Art presents: Open Canon NFT Mint [Polygon Mainnet]

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We are the only NFT mint, gallery, and auction house to have an exclusive curated NFT collection for our featured artists’ best works as well as a custom and open mint that any artist on our site can use to print NFTs, which we have nicknamed  the “GREY WOLF” NFT Mint. Our NFT mint is an ‘open canon’ meaning any artist can create, mint, and sell NFTs directly on our website. Open Canon NFT mint is available for everyone who wants to showcase their art in a gallery, but doesn’t want to pay unnecessary minting gas fees; as is the case for Ethereum.

We use the Polygon Blockchain for both our exclusive OpenSea market NFT collections as well as for this “GREY WOLF” Open Canon Mint. Polygon is a great choice for minting because it includes Ethereum compatibility and has extremely low or even negligible gas fees.

If you art does well on the Open Canon part of our NFT platform, we may ask you if you want to become a featured artist in one of our collections or to have special givaways, drops, and let us handle some of your marketing. Alternately, you can click to apply to be a featured artist with us.

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“GREY WOLF” Testing Mint: Open Canon [Mumbai Testnet]

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About our inclusive Grey Area Fine Art: Open Canon NFT Mint [Mumbai Testnet]

You do not have to be a featured artist with curated work to mint with the Open Canon mint — anyone can try it out.

Artists can test printing their NFT here on Polygon’s Mumbai Testnet. If you don’t know how to do this you should add the Mumbai Testnet to MetaMask as a “Custom RPC” network and then use the Polygon Testnet Faucet for free Polygon/Matic tokens you can use to print your art here and test it before uploading it to the Polygon Mainnet Open Canon.

About our future with NFT minting

Eventually, we may create a more exclusive or curated custom NFT mint or create another one with different properties. Give us your advice on this mint as well as your opinion about generating alternate mints. We also hope to create mints using other popular currencies like Ethereum [ETH], Binance [BNB], and xDai.

Email: inspo@greyareafineart.com

Smart Contract Conditions and Advice

  • Only print one NFT through the Mumbai Testnet for testing unless you have an issue and need to test it a second time or rerun the test.
  • The Smart Contracts we use are developed following high standards for code quality and security, most of them provide tested and community-audited code, but please use common sense when doing anything that deals with real money! If you intend to do a real project, you have to test the contracts in Testnets and do a proper quality assurance tailored to your specs.
  • Although WPSmartContracts makes its best effort to create the best tool to deploy and use Smart Contracts we have no liability resulting from the use of this software in the case of any interruption, malfunction, downtime, loss or damage of any kind.
  • WP Smart Contracts is licensed under the MIT License