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Special Drops

The following images are a selection of themed collections our gallery is currently showcasing.

Cop the Drop: Melting Clock: Melting Watch: Dali: Grey Area Fine Art Special Drops

See the 1st AR NFT Art!

Designed exclusively for Grey Area Fine Art with Adobe Aero. Scan to see it for free.



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1st AR NFT

Lego Minifigure Collectibles – Polygon Effect

This range of collectibles features rare Lego minifigures that have been modified with polygon abstraction to be used as a profile picture for discerning contemporary artists, collectors, creators, and fans.

Each minifigure has an attribute for rarity and can be bought at the opening of our own NFT mint. Each profile picture is unique — there are no duplicates.

Pick yours now!



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Lego Collectibles: NFT Mint Drop

Lego CollectiblesGrey Area Fine Art NFT Mint Drop
8:49 PMNFT Drop

Shades of Summer” – Romantic Appeal Collection

The artist behind Romantic Appeal is a longtime friend of the founder of Grey Area Fine Art, so it is with great pleasure that we now offer this collection featuring some of Griffin’s best work. Read his bio below for more information:

“Romantic Appeal is an evolving artist, much of whose work combines past and future elements. Their work has been featured by several notable Instagram accounts including @photoshop, @nft, and @sofiarichie.

In April of 2021, Romantic Appeal entered the NFT space. They’ve been fortunate enough to sell NFTs to innovators in the field such as Mark Cuban and Drake Bell, and collaborate on NFT drops with Jesse Meester and several other notable internet personalities.”

Visit his website at:

Staggered release starting now!



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“Shades of Summer” Drop Date

“Shades of Summer” Trailer
“Shades of Summer”Drop by Romantic Appeal
10:30 PMNFT Drop

“NEON” Trailer

NEON” – Japanese Heritage Collection

This gallery pays homage to the Toyko 2020/2021 Olympics and featured several locations in Japan with a neon motif. We would also like to express our solidarity with Asian-Americans in this time of crisis.

All of the pieces will be coming soon. We have just released the first work, entitled “Kyoto Dreaming” by NFT Artist: ImaginaryPsychiatrist.

Staggered release starting now!



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“NEON” Drop Date

“Neon”Japanese Heritage Collection
3:30 PMNFT + Digital Art Drop
crowd surrounded by buildings during night time
Photo by Satoshi Hirayama on
white petaled flowers
Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

The Loose Tokenomics:

Only one of each of this will be minted into an NFT. However, we have also decided to give a number of them away as well!

Get as many entries as you can which can be obtained by following our gallery’s social media links below.

There are 4K TIFF/ultra-high-resolution versions of images in this drop that will be featured in the Patron’s Only Collection, but normal versions of all the images will be available for everyone in the main collection.

Want to have your collection featured here? Email us at or apply by clicking the button below.

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