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The Restriction of Mushrooms in NFT Art & Social Media

Mushroom Art: Grey Area Fine Art: Tippy

On the subject of fungi and its place in the art world:

Due to the simple biological fact that mushrooms fall into three distinct categories: toxic, deadly, and edible (with a subcategory of edible being psychedelic), there are numerous provisions of social media, NFT websites, and forums, that outlaw or restrict mushroom art. Most of this art does not promote a psychedelic lifestyle, substance use, or anything else the United States government has been at war with for decades and of our research of social media: the type of mushroom-related pieces that were banned or restricted seemed to be confoundingly random with some ban-reasons specified as essentially “being too colorful that their theme might bridge on psychedelic.” Photographers and digital artists constantly edit their photos to highlight vibrance, so why are mushrooms a volatile subject? There is a plethora of other psychedelic or psychoactive fungi, plants, and even animals. For example, in certain Amazon cultures, frogs that secrete psychedelic substances are licked for their psychoactive properties in ritual.

My point is that none of the arguments banning such media are mutually exclusive and so mushroom art and photography, like any other art form, should be an open subject for NFTs. At Grey Area Fine Art, we have recruited a variety of mushroom and psychedelic artists to prove this very point, and we hope we will enjoy our collection.

It’s also worth noting that there are numerous similarities between this topic and nudity in art…

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